Why we are so into the idea of coworking…?

Last week I travelled up to Brisbane to attend the Creative3 forum held at QUT.

An incredibly valuable day spent absorbing the knowledge from some fantastic speakers, including Lisa Messenger, Rick Chen , Jess Huddart…to name but a few.

So much was packed into the day, and I am still filtering the experience, but a few key points really stuck with me and I would love to share them with you as they pertain so closely to what the Lismore Art Space is all about.

Here’s a couple of facts I picked up;

Did you know that for every 1 person working in mining in Australia there are 3 people working in the Creative Industries?
And did you know that the creative industries brings in $35Billion dollars annually to our economy…?!!

Sounds like a rapidly expanding sector…doesn’t it…and one thing about the Northern Rivers is that we have a WEALTH of creativity and creative industries just popping up all over the place…

The knowledge and information that I gained from the conference really supported the ideas and the direction we are taking here at the Lismore Art Space.

One of the most inspiring speakers for me on the day was Yan Liu, co-founder of Xindanwei, one of China’s first coworking spaces.

“As a curator and advocate of cross-culture exchange, community organiser and social entrepreneur, it’s little surprise as to why Liu’s co-working centre Xindanwei was bundled into the group of “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China” as listed by business and innovation platform FastCompany. As author of CoWorking Manual – a publication in support of the Xindanwei initiative outlining the ethos of the company of changing the way people approach business in the creative industries – Liu’s involvement in fostering practical thinking and collaboration extends the Xindanwei framework.

Hearing Yan Liu speak really brought home what it is that we are trying to achieve here at the artspace. Coworking is making a huge impact on how we work within many industries and as creatives we are in the most opportune position to take advantage of these shifts in our work culture.

What is so powerful about coworking? In a nutshell, even though our economy is becoming increasingly globalised, our ability to make connections is not limited to our location and we have information available to us immediately wherever we are, there is an increasing sense of isolation, especially in a regional area where the opportunity to make physical connections is limited and we rely heavily on the internet to develop these professional communities. In this new work landscape Coworking becomes an important factor in creating opportunities, collaboration, acceleration and innovation for independant (and creative!) professionals.

In the Coworking manual developed by the team at Xindanwei , Coworking is organised around a basic model incorporating, Real Time/Office Interaction (Shared Workspace), Social Platform (Coworking Community) and Project Catalyst (Co-creation/Collaboration Accelerator)

It’s a huge and very new area but rapidly becoming a dynamic new way of working, one that really suits a creative innovative and holistic mindset, and can provide a support system at a grass roots level to create new opportunities within the professional community.

Do you want to know more about all this?

Here’s more detail about Coworking and Coworking spaces…

Yan Liu speaking at the Coworking Europe Conference in Barcelona.