Studio Induction Session

We have a Studio Induction Session coming up for anyone who has been wanting to use the Print Studio Facilities here at Lismore Art Space on Saturday Nov. 9th!

All bookings to the Print Access Studio will be required to undertake an induction session to demonstrate  their proficiency before using the space. The induction session covers safe use of the studio, equipment and materials and is required prior to accessing facilities.

Artists are eligible to make use of the Open Access Studio to produce their own work as long as they can demonstrate that they have experience in printmaking, can work independently, and are proficient  in handling printing equipment and materials.

During the 3 hour session you will be familiarised with equipment, associated correct procedures and safety considerations and signed off as able to book in and use the print facilities in 2013/2014.

Cost is $10 per person for the induction.
(Every person attending will also get a 15% discount on their first month of membership!)

NB: Artists wishing to use the print facilities as a member must have their own professional cover. NAVA provides sufficient cover, and is essential these days for any practicing artist.

Please get in touch should you have any questions at all!