Splendour Props & visiting artist Brontë Naylor

This year at Splendour in the Grass, Artist, Bennett Miller finalised his residency as part of the Splendour Arts program with the fourth installation of an ongoing performance piece. The previous iterations — Barnraiser, Rumspringer and Anabaptiser — all laid the groundwork for this years final performance, Upper Downs.


This project was part of a Lismore Regional Gallery and Splendour In The Grass  presentation of a major interdisciplinary collaborative live art project, conceived by WA artist Bennett Miller and July 2016 was the culmination of several years’ dedication from Bennett Miller and a group of performers pretending to be Amish people for the festival’s duration.


The Lismore Art Space has been involved in every year of Bennett’s project here in the Northern Rivers and has made costumes, printed designs and with the skills of Ms Browns Lounge have been in the wings helping out. For the final Upper Downs we printed custom felt coverings for the  roulette table, blackjack table and large flags featuring the lyrics from a Strokes song.


Here’s a gallery of the work in progress and at the Splendour Site. Congrats on an amazing project Bennett!!

Ms Browns Lounge both designed and hand screen printed these props but not without the help of visiting Toowoomba artist Brontë Naylor (aka NOKE). Each screen to make the work measures 90x60cm and the squeegee needed to print was 80cm long…definitely a two person job on the textile printing table!


During the visit Brontë spent some time learning the basics of screen printing and made some hand drawn separations, exposed them on a screen and printed a 3 colour screen print. Brontë is a talented emerging artist and recently completed an amazing mural project in Brisbane (a First Coat Satellite mural) at Little Dock St, South along the cycle path.


Check the video below and follow her work – hopefully soon we can get her back to Lismore so she might add some of her beautiful work to the Back Alley Gallery?!