Sign Painting Workshop w/ Pocket Design!

Creative Director of Pocket Design, Brett Piva is traditionally trained and Certified in the art of Signwriting. He has been practicing the craft since he first held a brush 18 years ago and has enjoyed discovering a great resurgence of the art form through practice, publications, social media and experiencing this first hand on a recent trip to New York and San Francisco.

In response to the many requests Brett has received asking for tuition, he’s now pleased to announce a new round of Beginners Workshops.These workshops are exciting and friendly, and are conducted in an intimate and hands on setting. They are suitable for anyone who wishes to gain an insight into traditional signwriting. Participants will have the ability to practice what they have learned through the instructions and demonstrations provided.

The workshops are designed to improve your knowledge and creativity by practicing traditional methods using a brush and sign paint, while creating engaging and artistic hand painted letterforms.


For bookings and more information visit

1414665334232“Pocket Design is proud to announce we are teaming up with @lismoreartspace for our upcoming Beginners Sign Painting Workshops. I’ll be in Lismore teaching the craft Wed 19th & Thu 20th of November.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you and share some of the best tools to work with. Better still, you get to keep em! Wooo! NEW TOYS! Along with all materials and worksheets supplied, you get to take home 2 specialty signwriting brushes, Mahl stick and your very own tin of 1shot paint. How good is that!

For bookings and information visit our workshops website and take a look around “