Cheryl Field was an artist in Residence at Lismore Art Space in October 2014. She held a one day workshop whilst in residence at LAS. The workshop focused on the participants collaborating with Cheryl to make a series of giant inflatable structures. Playing with the physics of filing space, but doing so with the most insubstantial and temporal of materials; air, sound and light.


On these works Cheryl says:

“To my mind these inflatables are neither ‘sculptures’ nor ‘objects’ per se, rather they are something closer to ‘devices’ in as much as they are a means to create an alternate space. The sheer volume and temporal nature of these shiny behemoths offers the audience a direct and immediate experience and encourages us to momentarily step sideways into another space and actuality, and in doing so we embrace an otherwise all to familiar space, differently.”


The workshop began with smaller scale experiments to give everyone a feel for the materials and the possibilities that they offer. They were then scaled up and several huge inflatables filled LAS.


You can see more of Cheryl’s work at and

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