Raimond de Weerdt was born The Hague Holland.


He now lives and works in The Northern Rivers NSW.


“Raimond de Weerdt subverts the notion that photography captures reality and is therefore a measure of truth. His images are of places he has encountered, but we find them altered, invested with an other worldly quality that belongs to historical painting genres from Western Art, such as landscape, portraiture and still life.


We see a contemporary world depicted in a romantic, Chiarascuro light. His ordinary subjects are thus turned into something both beautiful and beguiling as we try to make sense of these images. There are hints at narratives that can never be followed, heightening mystery as we are drawn to try to comprehend the unknowable.”


This selection of works is from his recent exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery, Silent Speech, December 2014.


Contemporary Art, Photography