Poetry & Performance Workshop with Luka Lesson

Award winning slam poet, best selling poetry writer and hip hop performer Luka Lesson will be running poetry and performance classes with Work-Shop across Australia in October.

Fresh from delivering the Rhodes Poetry Retreat, an international program for the development of poets and their careers, held on the island of Rhodes, Greece, Luka Lesson brings the core elements of this program to a special intensive workshop held in conjunction with his national ‘Living Artefact’ tour.

Luka draws inspiration from his Greek heritage and is committed to using the power of words and music to develop understanding and awareness of cultural and racial issues. “In order to keep our cultures alive, especially for Indigenous peoples whose stories are so often repressed, we find voice again in oral traditions through these new mediums. The need to speak out and be heard is essentially irrepressible,” Luka says.

“It’s an exciting time to be a poet and hip-hop artist. And, it’s as important as ever to bring these issues into the mainstream conscience so we can break down cultural barriers for a more cohesive world where everyone’s heritage is truly celebrated and valued.”

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Luka’s work has been taught in schools and universities around the world and he has performed globally across the United States, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. His work that critically dissects contemporary culture through the lens of traditional archetype, has earned praises from some of the world’s prestigious poets and speakers such as Dr Cornel West, Taylor Mail and Shane Koyczan.

“We are excited to have Luka Lesson on board who has been a big part of the Work-Shop family, spreading his lyrical genius across Australia with us. We really look forward to having him share his creativity with the next generation of poets and artists,” says Work-Shop co-founder Matt Branagan.

For burgeoning poets through to experienced writers and performers, Luka Lesson’s exercises, advice and insights offer a unique opportunity for creatives to learn more about the intricacies of the chosen art form. From writing and creativity development, through to performance craft and valuable insight into different career trajectories, this is a workshop not to be missed!


Bookings and more info for the Lismore workshop October 7th