At The Lismore Art Space we are dedicated to the coworking principles and values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in the workplace.


We thrive on positivity, opportunity, creativity, sharing, exchange, experimentation, play and collaboration, we value commitment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, flexibility, diversity, innovation, change. We like to celebrate, support and encourage one another, we get that mistakes are essential to learning and we believe that there aren’t any problems that don’t have solutions!


The communal studio is for you if you are:

  • Relaxed and considerate of those you share a work place with.
  • Respectful and honest,  and treat the space, members, and guests with respect.
  • Clean up after yourself and your guests.
  • Willing to be a part of a positive community setting.
  • Motivated to progress your practice and/or business along with providing feedback to others
  • Open to collaboration and assisting in the promotion of fellow contributors.
  • Have a good sense of humour!
  • Enthusiastic to be a part of and contribute to a growing community art space
  • The space is constantly evolving and improving so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, or offer ideas & suggestions.
  • The space is a community and its ability to thrive and grow depends on the engagement and interaction within the space!


Your positive participation will help create the culture here…


We do have certain expectation of anyone joining us at the Art Space, and these are designed to make sure we all have a great experience and are able to work in a co-operative manner with and around other autonomous individuals. Here’s a few guidelines about the expected usage of the space and the conduct of the members who inhabit it!


Here’s the finer details…!

No Smoking – smoking is to be outside in the gardens, however PLEASE dispose of your butts thoughtfully and respect others right to a smoke free face – an ash tray will be provided.

WIFI – to access wireless internet check with Joanna for the password. Do not use the internet for any illegal use including accessing inappropriate content, no illegal bit torrents (downloading music, movies etc) or (cmon! of course..) pornography.


CONSERVE – one of the founding values of the coworking movement is sustainability. Please do your part. Dispose of items in their correct receptacles – we have paper recycling, green recycling and general waste as well as specific disposal methods for the print studio.


PRINTER/SCANNER/COPIER – Wifi printer, scanner & copier access.


BATHROOM – located at the far end of the space through the door to the left! Bathroom facilities include a shower.


LIGHTS – if you turn it on, turn it off! Same goes for any electrical equipment.


EVENT HIRE – hire & host workshops, community and business events (so long as these events abide by the Membership Agreement and are outside of opening hours – Saturdays are OK for workshops). All events must first be confirmed by the Manager. Just email your request (date, time, how many participants, whether it is open to other members, and the purpose.)


STORAGE – we are currently investigating storage options for artists at the space. Currently we can provide safe storage of art materials and we have a paper draw in the print access studio. More storage space, plan drawers and lockers will be available soon. We don’t recommend you leave anything of value at the space until we have secure storage available! We have plenty of bookshelf/display storage units.


KITCHEN –  We have a small kitchen area with fridge available that includes a microwave, kettle and plunger. If leaving food label (with your name and date) anything you put in the fridge. The fridge will be cleaned out on a weekly basis (Friday/Sat), and anything that is suspect will be thrown away!


CLEANING – tidy up after yourself and be respectful of others that are using the space (don’t leave your stuff lying around etc) and practice safe working habits.


SELF REGULATION – please help us ensure the safety, cleanliness, and happiness of the space. Don’t do anything that compromises the security or safety of the space, like leaving the front door open, or letting someone in the space unless they are a member or an accompanied guest. If you have a problem with a member’s behavior, don’t hesitate to have a conversation about the problem with them, failing that please come and see us.


CANCELLATION – you can give up your membership status at any time, but we expect at least 1 week notice in advance.  You definitely need to pay for the period already started (if started before your notice). Email or any other written notice is good, just make sure we know about it!


OTHER STUFF – Headphone wearing means “please do not disturb me!”

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