New art in the Back Alley Gallery

Have you seen the new art on the walls in Lismore?


This weekend the Lismore Art Space & Back Alley Gallery teamed up to host a day of Street Art for the Lismore Arts in August creative festivities. The event consisted of both Live Painting in the Back Alley Gallery (Larkin Lane Wall) ArtWOMB in the laneway and an exhibition of altered spray cans “Street Level” at the Lismore Art Space later that afternoon.


Larkin Lane was transformed by 7 new artists over the weekend. The artists that took part were an eclectic mix of styles from emerging local painters to well known regulars.


The 7 artists were, Justin Livingston (aka JULLA) @__julla, KiKi @thekiki, Kate Hallen @kytte, Dan McDonnell @dan_mc_donnell, Joanna Kambourian (ms. Brown) @msbrownslounge, Jodi Green (jinX) @jodimetta and our special guest artist, Ian McCallum @ianrmccallum from Kontraband Studios Toowoomba (the crew who put on First Coat Festival)

Ian McCallum lives a double life as a qualified sign writer and graffiti artist. His work is constantly exploring how those worlds collide. More recently, McCallum’s practice has been investigating the traditional elements of sign writing; letterform, colour and composition, often comically referencing popular culture and commercial advertising. 

We are really grateful to Ian for travelling all that way to add a work in his iconic style to our laneways!


All the new work on the walls was generously gifted by each of the artists as they all donated their time, skill and paint to creating new works in this awesome public gallery.


Thanks for making our walls more beautiful guys and thanks to the Back Alley Gallery Collective for their tireless efforts in creating such a great public gallery for Lismore.


We recognise that in order to make bigger and better things happen with the Back Alley Gallery we need to join forces and take our organisation to the next level. In order to go for grants, sponsorship there is a need to create a strong and organised community group that can drive these events into the future.


We appreciate your support in making this happen, and we are inviting the community to give us their feedback on how they see the Back Alley Gallery evolving for Lismore in the future.


We’ve created an online feedback form….Just follow this link and let us know what you think!