‘Lay Down Your Swords’ Kate Hallen


Kate Hallen: Lay Down Your Swords

20 July – 13 August 2016 at Lismore Regional Gallery

Opens w/ drinks & a talk by the artist: Thurs 28 July, 5.30pm

With Lay Down Your Swords Kate Hallen brings a visual description to the “feeling of” of panic when we become overwhelmed by a difficult situation. Her work expresses the spatial sensation of riding through panic, from the experience of having nowhere to go, to one of surrendering into weightlessness – without control. She captures the poignant beauty in this wrestling between human strength and vulnerability.


A field guide:

This is a familiar place; you’ve been here before, or perhaps this is your first time? It is common to feel hinged between where you were and what is to come – the inevitable “end”. You may experience a brief moment of weightlessness. Your heart rate may increase or appear to have briefly stopped. This feeling is commonly found, but not limited to:

• On your telephone, pacing.
• Leaning pensively on the kitchen bench or dining room table.
• In a doctors surgery/hospital waiting room/office or workplace.

It is important to allow yourself to accept and express any immediate reaction you experience and understand that this feeling is not just yours alone – we’ve all been here before. Lay Down Your Swords investigates acceptance and humility in the face of tragedy.

Kate Hallen is a Lismore based painter. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours, graduating in 2014. This is her second solo exhibition since completing her studies.