CULT-ure Mapping 2480

CULTureMAP2480To celebrate the launch of Bizoo’s final release, the crew behind Bizoo Zine organised & facilitated the free CULT-ure Map 2480 zine workshop hosted by the Lismore Art Space as part of their 12 date tour of NSW! We were the first stop for Jeremy & Eloise who are still on the road, spreading the DIY zine love…


On Sunday 5th January, the art space became host to almost 30 people who dropped in over the day to add their local knowledge and creativity to a collaborative zine publication. CULT-ure Maps are zines made by the community members to inform readers of the places, people and culture in that moment in their community in a ‘zine’ format.


The map was created through an initial brainstorming session – we could have made a mini magazine with the diversity and amount of things that make our region unique, and all participants had more than enough ideas about their favourite places, people, experiences and local knowledge. After this initial process the structure and size of the zine was decided on and participants chose a page and theme to work on. Pages were constructed with collage, stamps, typewriters, and good old textas and glue sticks. The map was drawn and the places and personalities featuring in the zine were then plotted out on the map and numbered.


A fantastic zine was made containing the grass roots perspective, local favourites and the more underground attractions in Lismore – it is packed full but by no means fully represents the creativity, diversity and uniqueness of the 2480 postcode, however it presents a very vibrant, positive and engaged community snapshot of a moment in time! Check out the gallery from the day HERE.


The Zine we all created is now being distributed around town in various locations (keep an eye on our Facebook page for places as we drop them off…we will post new locations as they happen) and also is available at the art space if you want to come by and pick one up…we haven’t forgotten those of you who want one because you love Lismore but just don’t happen to be here anymore (what a pity!) – so we’re making it available as a downloadable .pdf file CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! you can print out on an A3 photocopier of your choice, fold and admire the best postcode around…2480!