A visit from the “Old Girl”

We often get visitors at the Lismore Art Space and so when we were contacted by Mat & Nicki and the ‘Old Girl’ we were happy to welcome these travellers to the space to hear about their adventures! Mat & Nicki are trail runners and adventurers, and the Old Girl is their 1973 VW Kombi with one helluva attitude!

These guys are currently trekking around Australia with the Old Girl and having an incredible time (by the sounds of it!) Both of them are very creative individuals and Mat just happens to be an Artist as well. You can see more about his work here.

Mat was making prints from the parts of the Kombi and spent some time at the space working on larger works. They often stop in the towns they are visiting and set up the Kombi as a traveling art gallery at markets.

Their journey is part adventure, part mega trail run and part art-work – they are making art as they go, creating interventions and basically getting themselves lost! They have coined the term ‘Kombisations’ around the idea of the conversation the Kombi generates and are documenting the travels on their blog. If you see them out there, have a cuppa with them!

It was a pleasure to have the Old Girl visit Lismore Art Space, we’re enjoying following their travels on social networking, last we heard they were in the N.T. and something had happened to the Old Girl!? We wish them the best and hope she’s back on the road again soon!

Keep up to date with their travels on Facebook & Instagram.